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Here's a tip for some of you that have issues with Airport Expresses dropping off Airport Utility/Airplay: After months of my ethernet-connected Airport Expresses dropping off Airplay in i Tunes, and only appearing in about 2 minutes after a power off/on in Airport Utility/i Tunes (Windows), I finally got it all working.It turned out to be that the home router (Netgear WNDR3700) was blocking Bonjour multicasts over its switched ethernet ports and Wi Fi (although set up as no to, according to Netgear support, no GMPL spoofing etc).

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I say essentially because based on some carriers newer router-modem combos, you CAN set up the Time Capsule in bridge mode and allow it to work as a repeater (or extend your network.) Often, with the older Time Capsules and many carriers it just becomes a pain & simply doesn't play nice all the time if you do get it to work.There are three possible reasons why it doesn't work The first of these is beyond MMAE's ability to diagnose. by seeing how another PC armed with i Tunes (but not with any corporate firewall software or other potential complication) behaves when connected wirelessly and wired, whilst the Air Port Express is suitably configured and connected.If said other PC doesn't function as intended and confirming suspicions that 3.I bought an Air Port Express to enable music in a different part of a friend's house using the Air Tunes feature.Unfortunately, i Tunes or the Air Port Utility don't reliably discover the existence of the device. i Tunes then also seems to cotton on to this discovery and present the Aiport Express as an Air Tunes option at the bottom right of i Tunes. If I close down the Air Port Utility, then i Tunes loses the Air Port Express Air Tunes speaker, often giving "An unkown error (-15006) occurred while connecting to the remote speaker". Background info: It currently seems that the problem is that Bonjour doesn't work across from the router's wireless LAN to it's wired LAN.

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