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Many just sit there vaguely and habitually protesting in their minds. The second Vatican Council plainly stated: Gregorian chant is to have first place at Mass ().So the musicians end up with a feeling of failure and confusion. This statement has profound significance if you understand something of the structure of the liturgy and the purpose and applicability of Gregorian chant within it.The Los Angeles native might have felt the need to clear up rumors, which began with photos of the star over the weekend.In the pictures, Bella kept close to DJ Daniel, and at one point, put her arm around him.The point is not to sing chant but to sing the liturgy itself, meaning the text that is assigned to be sung at the place in the Mass where this particular text is intended to be sung.The notes are important but secondary to the word, which is the word of God.

Every weekend or so, some name composer of mainstream Catholic music is out and about giving a workshop in a parish somewhere.

A major aspect of the Mass, one that can make or break the entire point of the ritual, is being put in the hands of people who have little or no substantive guidance or basis for their decision-making.

Moreover, their hymnals and magazines and liturgy publications encourage that very attitude.

The star assured her followers that she was indeed single, and only committed to herself.

'In a committed relationship with myself & my happiness for now,' said Bella, followed by a praying hands, ring, heart and smile emoji.

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