College dating violence programs

Instead they feel guilty, deny and minimize the violence, and try to exculpate themselves in the manner of one whose actions are unacceptable to oneself." He points out, "the vast majority of men are non-assaultive for the duration of their marriage." And as violence escalates beyond pushes and slaps, "the size of this minority group of perpetrators shrinks." The Duluth Model is a "blame and shame" behavior modification approach, focusing only on the perpetrator's role. Rule infractions result in punishment, and "good behavior" (absence of rule-breaking) results in early release.A different approach sees anger and violence as part of a "dance" between two people in an intimate relationship.Satel states: "In at least a dozen states, including Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, Washington, and Texas, state guidelines effectively preclude any treatment other than feminist therapy for domestic batterers." Satel points out that these policies would outlaw, for instance, the kind of help that saved the decade-long marriage of a midwestern couple we'll call 'Steve and Lois M.' After their last fight, in which he gave Mrs. a fractured arm, she gave him an ultimatum: unless he went with her to marriage therapy, she would take their nine-year-old son and leave.He agreed, and the couple saw Eve Lipchik, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin expert in family therapy.We treat women as brainless individuals who are unable to make choices." Washington state specifically prohibits joint therapy, even in conjunction with the Duluth Model.One Bellevue therapist almost lost his license for merely proposing joint therapy to another therapist.It made me suicidal It's About Male Oppression of women preaches the "Duluth Model." Domestic Violations Cathy Young. then punched his face and her nail cut his neck.'" Domestic violence researcher Suzanne Steinmetz says this is common, and is simply one more way that a woman's experience is devalued.

As he put it, "Paradigms direct research, but they also serve to deflect critical analysis of the paradigms' own central tenets through diverting attention from contradictory data.

Each of the tactics depicted on the Power and Control Wheel are typical of behaviors used by groups of people who dominate others.

They are the tactics employed to sustain racism, ageism, classism, heterosexism, anti-Semitism, and many other forms of group domination.

Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Batterer Treatment Programs The Faulty Duluth Model What's Wrong with the "Duluth Model"? Education Groups For Men Who Batter: The Duluth Model.

It's described in detail in Pence, E., and Paymer, M.

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