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In Process Group, Berman asks each couple about their darkest moment.

Courtney and Doug relate a fight they had after a stranger gave Courtney his phone number; Alex relates a fight six months earlier in which she and Simon became verbally abusive, after which Alex demanded a divorce; Tiny relates an argument following Jo Jo's release from the hospital for reasons relating to his drinking; Nik talks about a time one month into his relationship with Shayne that she found text messages from another woman.

Dow and Berman talk to Tiny and Jo Jo about his alcoholism, but Jo Joe remains obstinate.

Shayne expresses aversion to Courtney's behavior and clothing during a group trip bowling.

Alex Mc Cord and Simon van Kempen explore their relationship problems, but end up fighting over them.

To make a point to the couples about how fortunate they are to have each other, Berman arranges a group session in which the couples learn about the life and loves of Israeli psychologist Dr. Berman implements a dress code under which Courtney must wear less revealing clothing, but Courtney is displeased with this.

Courtney reluctantly complies with the new dress code, which she characterizes as a "backlash for being beautiful".

Four of the five couples are welcomed to the house while Dr. Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Nirschel are the first to arrive.

Next, DMX arrives on his own and shows insatisfaction with having to share rooms with his 6-year stranged wife, Tashera Simmons, and with not being allowed to drink and use drugs while in the house.

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