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NYC settles Rikers rape lawsuit with two women The following June, Hehl signed up for one of Schnirring’s classes.He again began asking her out, the complaint said, and continued even when Schnirring pointed out that he was married.That didn’t help end the harassment, the complaint said.At one point, Schnirring signed her class up for a special three-day course in New Jersey on decoy training to teach the dogs how to properly bite attackers.Officer Hehl, reached by phone, hung up on a reporter from The News.He called back and said, “None of it is true.” Schnirring complained, and a top jail supervisor moved Hehl — who is a union delegate with the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association — to another class in June.A veteran city correction officer’s career has been derailed — because she complained that a co-worker was sexually harassing her, she claimed in documents obtained by the Daily News.Correction Officer Donna Schnirring filed an Equal Opportunity Office complaint against a fellow officer in January — alleging he repeatedly asked her out and spread rumors the two of them were involved.

Rikers officer’s report omits name of guard who restrained inmate When the unit closed about seven years ago, she was moved to another facility on Rikers Island where she oversaw some of the most troubled inmates in solitary confinement. Kross Center, she successfully applied to become a department K-9 handler.“This writer should not feel retaliated against for declining to be romantically involved with Officer Hehl and would like his actions to cease immediately,” she said in a January letter to top jail bosses.Hehl responded with his own EEO complaint, alleging that she was the actual aggressor.Before you post that selfie on your dating profile, you might want to schedule a casual photo shoot with your BFF first.Turns out, subtle details about your photo can make or break the number of "likes" you receive.

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