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They include Facebook, Google Plus (via Google Hangouts), Snapchat, and Instagram.And if you’re looking for Whats App alternatives, you also have plenty of choice. We’ve covered them all in detail elsewhere on the site.You can use the app to sign in to Facebook Chat, Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and more, thus allowing you to hold conversations across all the apps in a single aggregated interface.

Given Yahoo’s ongoing security issues, you might want to think twice about signing up if you’re not already a member.Note: An alternative to step four is to suggest you become Facebook friends.My friend has been using this approach instead of text messages and says he’s having success with the approach.I have never used this approach but it sounded interesting to me and I wanted to share it here.If you find yourself tiring of the traditional email a woman, wait, email a woman, wait approach then this might be something worth giving a try.

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    This approach rejects joint therapy in all cases, even when the woman feels safe and wants to keep the marriage together.

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