Who has taylor kitsch dating

No, the group came together—in an effort facilitated by Marriott Rewards—to compete in a grueling Spartan Race, which required advance training involving spear-throwing, rope-climbing, monkey-bar-conquering, and other components. Kitsch told me on the phone, about a week before the race, that he was looking forward to re-uniting with his castmates. I think the character and the people I'm surrounded with — you know, to work with Andrew Stanton, Willem Dafoe, and Mark Strong in in a great friend in Hugh Jackman. I won't date anyone who thinks I'm that character. I mean, maybe John Carter's a safer bet, because he's probably the most honorable guy on this or next planet. “It feels forever ago [since the show started], no doubt,” he said.

, they're at a more serious point in their romance that includes virtual cohabitation.

What's your cutoff for an age difference in dating?

There's no greater feeling when a director you've worked with for the past year plus just thanks you.

There's no balance right now — it's nothing but work. Your costars in include Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, and Bryan Cranston. But Willem's married, and so is Cranston, so I don't really know if they'd want to be out in the shit.

Oh man, I don't really have a life at the moment, to be honest with you. I had a friend who called that being "disarmingly charming." Or armingly. They've all got very dry senses of humor, which are the best in my opinion. Will you allow our web designer, Ellie, to touch them?

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